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Connecting guest access network to the Belkin Wireless Range extender

Description:This post tells you how to manage and extender the guest access network to your belkin wifi extender setup. Guest access as the name itself suggests, this networks sole motive is to provide a separate wireless open and easy access to the guests or the family friends who visit your place.

Solution and steps
There are two types of wireless SSID assigned to a router, that is your regular wireless network to which you connect your home devices and a different guest network respectively. The wireless broadcast range is same for the guest access as that of your home or regular wireless network.
The usual configuration in your belkin wifi extender set up allows you to configure your main wireless network from your main router. Now the question arises how to extend the guest access in the belkin range configuration page. Below are the steps in order to accomplish the said requirement.

Pre-requisite for the extension of guest network to your Belkin range extender
  1. You need a laptop, desktop or a computer for the configuration process.
  2. An active internet connection to interface with the web or belkin setup log in.
  3. The Belkin range extender must be placed within the range of the router

The guest access interface to your belkin setup extender is not possible through the wireless protected setup (WPS), as the WPS establishes the connection with your main primary network. Therefore the only option left to fulfill the required setup is the manual configuration, that is, to log in to the belkin range setup in the pre-requisites mentioned devices.


After the completion of the setup, your main wireless network is ideally hooked up to your regular wireless network. Now you need to log in to your belkin extender back again. It will ask you to enter the user ID and password to get in to the belkin range setup. The user name and the password would be the same which you have created during the initial setup with your network. In the scenario where you have not created the account, you need put in admin in the user name box and leave the password as blank and hit on continue to proceed further. Right after you have selected the continue option, you will land up in the page where you will see belkin wifi extender setup. In this page you will have all your extended network information.
On the left side of the page you will you will see a bunch of wireless setup related options such as WPS, wireless settings, firmware, security, connected devices etc. You need to select “wireless” option in order to proceed with the configuration of the guest network. When you click the wireless option, it will show you the SSID name of the belkin range network and so on. Underneath the wireless information you need to select manually configure a network. Tap on the mentioned option it will prompt you to manually add the required network. Type in the guest network name and put in the password which ideally encrypted on your guest network. If your guest network does not have the password, leave it as blank and click on connect to proceed further. The Belkin setup will take approximately 2 minutes to establish with the guest network and hence your guest access network will be extended and configured with your Belkin range extender.