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Belkin router tech support

Updating your Belkin WiFi Extender’s firmware

A firmware update contains enhancements to the presentation of your Belkin switch and could likewise resolve gives that the past firmware adaptation may have. This article talks about how to refresh the firmware of Belkin switches through the web interface. Interface your PC to the switch utilizing an ethernet link for stable association with avert update disappointments. Overhauling through Wi-Fi may cause issues because of unsteady association.

To physically refresh your Belkin switch, total the accompanying advances, Checking your Extenders model and form number. The model and form number of your switch can be found on the name at the base of the switch. In the model beneath, the model number N300 or N600 is the variant number.

Downloading the firmware

You'll have to download the refreshed firmware record from the belkin range extender setup to your PC. In the event that you experience issues downloading the document, you may utilize another program or clear the reserve of your program. Belkin setup have the Save/Backup Settings and Restore Previous Settings includes that enable you to back up your present switch settings and recover the sponsored up settings.

Performing the update

Performing the update through Belkin range extender setup, should be possible through the extenders web interface.

Stage 1:

Dispatch an internet browser, enter in the Address bar, at that point press [ENTER]. You may likewise utilize "Belkin setup or belking range extender setup rather to get to the web interface.

NOTE: The Belkin switch's default IP address is On the off chance that utilizing this doesn't work, check your switch's IP address. For guidelines, click here.

Stage 2:

Snap Login at the upper right corner of the page.

Stage 3:

Enter your switch's Password on the off chance that you have one. Something else, leave the field clear at that point snap Submit.

Stage 4:

On the Utilities area in the left route board, click Firmware Update.

Stage 5:

Snap Browse. At that point find and select the firmware document you downloaded.

NOTE: For Mac, PCs, downloaded documents are normally spared in the Downloads envelope.

Stage 6:

In the wake of choosing the firmware document, click Update.

Stage 7:

You will be provoked to proceed with the redesign. Snap OK

Step 8:

A prompt that advises you NOT to turn off or reboot the router at the end of the upgrade will appear. Click OK.

The firmware update status will at that point show up.

Significant: Make sure that you DO NOT INTERRUPT OR UNPLUG THE ROUTER during the update procedure.

Stage 9:

When the update is finished, you will be incited to hang tight for few moments.

Stage 10:

Snap OK after the Extender is finished rebooting.

NOTE: If you experience disappointment or see a mistake message when refreshing the firmware, powercycle your switch and PC before running the update once more. On the off chance that this doesn't work, rehash a similar procedure on another PC to further confine the issue. On the off chance that the issue still continues, reset the switch to manufacturing plant defaults and run the update once more. You should now have effectively refreshed the firmware of the Belkin range. In the event that the web association is lost in the wake of refreshing the firmware, you should reestablish the arrangement that was recently determined to the course.